June 10, 2019
Maxell, Ltd.

Orlando, FL., Jun 10, 2019 – The Optronics Division of Maxell, Ltd. today announced that beginning as of October 1, 2019, Maxell, Ltd., through its United States subsidiary, Maxell Corporation of America, will assume responsibility for all operations related to both Hitachi- brand and Maxell-brand projector products and accessories in the North American market. This announcement marks the culmination of a six-year progression that began with Maxell, Ltd.’s acquisition of Hitachi Consumer Electronics, Co., Ltd.’s projector design, development and manufacturing assets and resources in 2013.

Maxell will begin introducing many new ways to bring innovative, reliable and very high- quality projector products to the professional AV market in North America. Fortunately, the transition should be seamless for end-users and distribution partners of both the Hitachi and Maxell brands because it will not involve disruption to established resources and personnel engaged in projector-related research and development, engineering, sales, marketing or product support.

The planned October 1, 2019 transition will ensure that all original warranty, service and support obligations applicable to both Hitachi-brand and Maxell-brand projector products occurring prior to that date will continue to be fully honored and upheld.

In addition, important customer benefits and loyalty programs for house of worship and education customers, such as the OneVision and OneVision Kids programs, will continue without interruption.

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